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Help with levels

Sorry if you get stumped with one of the levels.
But hey, you must think a little bit "out of the box"!

ok, I am a nice guy. Just contact me and I will put out
a video on youtube with the solution
(but give me a couple of days).


Some levels are hard to solve, but not impossible! Here are some tips:

Always try all directions - not just the obvious ones
- Perhaps you need to go back and then forward too the shepherd.

Always dig away all square of grass - first thing you do!
- See where there are findings you can use (then hit Retry)

Look on the squares (grass) when a sheep jumps on them.
- If a square is rumble there is something under it!

Tap the sheep if they stands on a square of grass!
- If the square rumble there is something under it!

It is possible to plant a bush on a square of grass even if a sheep stands on it!

If there are bushes on the level from the beginning...
- Move a sheep to it and see if there is something under the grass!

...and remember: This is a puzzle game. You will think a lot!
But when you solve a level you will have your award cause it will feel so good!

Damn, you are a smart one!

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Here are solutions for some levels that people thought is a little bit tough..

Woolcraft Lite icon

Woolcraft Lite version

Solutions for the (harder) later levels:
Lite: Level 9-12

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Woolcraft Full version

Easy levels

Level 97 (start)

ok, this level is a "thinker"... Easy? hm...

1. Pick the two stones in the upper corners.
2. Build two bridges under the third sheep (who stands under the hole)
3. Go down
4. Dig away the grass between the sheep. 5th on the lowest row.
5. Go right
6. Pick the grass over the two lowest sheep.
7. Go up
8. Dig away the grass left of the sheep who now is most to the right.
I think you will do the rest by your self now...

Normal levels

Level 117
Level 122
Level 140
Level 145
Level 147
Level 156
Level 157

Hard levels

Level 160
Level 161
Level 175 (clues)

Level 176 (new oct 2011)
1. Go up
2. Tap like this: picture
3. ...

The Black Sheep levels

Level 194
1. Get the stone at the top, right
2. Go right
3. Now get all 5 available stones
4. ...

Level 203
Solution for level 203

Level 220
1. Start like in this picture
2. Go left
3. ...

A great puzzle game for
iPhone, iPad and iPod-touches.

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